Aug 052012

Specimen :   Wild shrubs

Habitat :   Creek bank and moist thickets

Local names :   Kayomkom, Kamingi

Trade names :   Philippine ixora, Philippine santan

Botanical name :   Ixora philippinensis

Family :   Rubiaceae

Height :   1-3 meters

Leaf :   Opposite; Elliptic to nearly spathulate, apex acute; Firm, dull green

Flower :   Umbel; Florets small, 4-parted, petals curled downward, light pink

Fruit :   A round, 2-seeded berry, light pink to purple; Solitary to clusters of up to 4 or more

Fruiting season :   March to August

Traits :   Drought tolerant; Evergreen; Shade tolerant; Woody shrub

Recommendations :   Home gardens; Ornamental shrub; Potted; Urban greening; Wildcrafting

Used for :   Edible fruits

Native range :   The Philippines and the islands of Borneo and Sulawesi in Malaysia and Indonesia

National conservation status :   Not threatened in the Philippines

Threats :   Clearing of woodlands for agricultural, commercial or residential use

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