Aug 152012

This Ardisia pyramidalis was given to us, 3 years ago, by Architect and Philippine native tree blogger Tristan Asuncion ( Then, barely a few inches in height, it is now on its first year of maturity and is promising to provide a lot of seeds for propagation.

Specimen :   Cultivated

Local name :   Aunasin

Botanical name :   Ardisia serrata

Family :   Primulaceae

Specimen height :   2 meters

Leaf :   Alternately whorled; Spathulate, margins smooth to obscurely serrate, bright green

Inflorescence :   Small, 4-parted, pale purple, in terminal panicles

Fruiting season :   Rainy months

Traits :   Evergreen; Low to medium altitude tree, Shade-loving; Shrubby; Small tree

Recommendations :   Backyards; Edible gardening; Farms; Hedging; Home gardens; Ornamental tree; Potted; Public spaces; Urban greening; Wildcrafting

Used for :   Young leaves and leafy shoots are eaten as salad greens or as vegetable;  Flowers and fruits are used to flavor fish dishes

Native range :   The island of Borneo and the Philippines

National conservation status :   Not threatened in the Philippines

Further readings :

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